Friday, September 13, 2013

Disney Movie Night: The Little Mermaid

This is the first post of many! I will be making a new Disney themed movie night once a week! Be sure to follow my blog on Google +, Pinterest, Facebook or subscribe with your e-mail address to get updates on all the others to come! Each Disney Movie will come with themed recipes, a dinner menu printable, decoration ideas, crafts and activities! Disney themed dinners are so much fun to do once a week, or once a month! They are great as countdowns to a Disney Trip! Your little one's will look forward to the movie nights each time!

1. The Menu: the menu is made to give your child a well-balanced healthy meal, making sure they get there veggies in! Below each course is listed and described with links to recipes!

Ariel's Stuffed Sea Shells (as an alternate you can use shell mac & cheese). The pasta shells resemble sea shells! This is such a good recipe and much healthier than mac & cheese!

Click here for the recipe: Spinach and Chicken Stuffed Shells

Flounder's Seaweed: Use either green beans or asparagus and make sure to line them up and down in a row on the plate to look like seaweed! 
Scuttle's Salad: Just any salad that your family likes! *You can also serve it with Titian's Trident Toast (bread sticks).
Ursula's Ocean Water: You can use any clear liquid like sprite or water, to turn it blue use food coloring or those flavor pouches for water. You can also use blue kool-aid! 
Prince Eric's Banana Split Ship: Who doesn't love a good banana split? Use your families favorite toppings to make a banana split and add a ship flag on it! To make a ship flag: glue scrap book paper or construction paper to a toothpick in a square shape!

2. Crafts:

Coloring Pages 

*Hang your child's masterpiece on the wall to double as decorations.

3. Decorations:

In the movie Scuttle says a fork is a "dinglehopper", which is used to brush someone's hair.Try gluing a few jewels or rhinestones onto plastic forks for a decoarted "dinglehopper"

4. Activities:
Play "What Would Scuttle Say?" Just like with the "dinglehopper" find items around your house and ask your kids to come up with what scuttle would think they are called and what they are for! I bet you will get a lot of funny answers! 

Any ideas for next month's movie? Suggestions are appreciated! 
Comment below what your child's favorite Disney movie is!


  1. Great post!
    We love The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Up, Cinderella, and Monsters, Inc

  2. This is such a great idea! My 2 little girls would love this! Thank you for sharing.

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