About Me

Hi! I'm Megan and this is John.

John and I met 4 years ago. We might be young, but in January 2012, 
we welcomed our baby girl into the world.

Meet Emma. The beginning of our little family, and a long journey ahead!

And of course... 

Our Beagle puppy, Bella. We spoil her too! 

I instantly feel in love with motherhood and now that Emma is almost 1, I've learned a lot. 
This is the story of my journey, everything that a mommy needs to know. From what's going on with Emma and things that helped us learn to take care of her, to budget-friendly recipes and fun DIY projects. I love to cook. When I moved into my home I didn't know a thing about cooking, we just ate out all the time! But now that we have a baby, we can't go out as much, so  I had to learn to cook! I love making things gifts, decorations, and stuff for Emma. You can visit my Etsy Shop, Mommy and Things Designs, to look at what I have for sale. 

John also has a website. Visit techknowbase.com for tutorial and get answers to questions for anything electronic and computer related! Please refer him to anyone you know! 

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to comment or email me at meallsup@gmail.com. 

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