Monday, September 23, 2013

Family Movie Night: Beauty and the Beast


This weeks movie night will be... Beauty and the Beast! I seem to be sticking with the Disney Princess theme here! Each week I will be making a new Disney themed movie night! Be sure to follow my blog on Google +, Pinterest, Facebook or subscribe with your e-mail address to get updates on all the other movie nights to come! Each Disney Movie will come with themed recipes, a free dinner menu printable, decoration ideas, crafts and activities! Disney themed dinners are so much fun to do once a week, or once a month! They are great as countdowns to a Disney Trip! Your little one's will look forward to the movie nights each time! Make sure to check out all the other movie nights here!

Click here to download and print your free Beauty and the Beast Menu! Make sure to set it out for dinner, I love the idea of framing it!

1. The Menu: the menu is made to give your child a well-balanced healthy meal, making sure they get there veggies in! Below each course is listed and described with links to suggested recipes! The menu from this week is taken straight from the song "Be Our Guest" in the movie!

"Hot Hors d'Ouevres": If you don't know what an hors d'ouevre is, it is basically French for appetizers. Since the song doesn't specify an hors d'ouevre to serve, we can use our imagination! You could always buy some frozen savory pastries, like quiche, or spinach puffs! If your kids are very picky about what they eat, chicken nuggets or pigs in a blanket would work good too! And because everything is French, how about some French Fries? Browse the Mommy and Things appetizers and dips for ideas!

"Soup Du Jour": Otherwise known as French for "soup of the day". Again another item from the song. Keeping with the French theme, a French Onion Soup would be nice. Or to go the easier way, you could always buy your child's favorite soup or even spaghetti o's! Look in my recipe section for other soup ideas! Serve your soup with a nice side of toasted French Bread! Browse the Mommy and Things soup's for ideas!

"Cheese Souffle": Another item from our song! A lot of people hear souffle and think it's too hard to make.. it's really not! Since the souffle is cheese flavored, most kids will love it! Here is my recipe for a great Cheese Souffle!

Sparkling Grape Juice: This will be our substitute for the wine and champagne they serve in the song! When I was a kid, we would buy sparkling grape juice, in either red or white for New Year's Eve.. and I looked forward to it every year! Having sparkling grape juice or even sparkling cider for kids definitely makes it a special day!

"The Grey Stuff": "Try the grey stuff! It's delicious! Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!" If you have never heard of the "Be Our Guest Restaurant" at Disney World.. you need to look it up. I have never been there, but it looks amazing! And of course the serve "the grey stuff"! Basically its a cookie n' cream mouse! All the copycat recipes sound amazing! And this will definitely make your kids feel like they're eating at the Beast's Castle. Here is a copycat version of Disney's "The Grey Stuff" from the Be our Guest Restaurant.

Magical Rose Shortcake: You can't have a Beauty and the Beast themed dinner, without seeing the magical rose! Doesn't it look amazing! The best part is, you can buy all of the ingredients and won't have to bake anything! Or you can try your hand at making homemade shortcake or even cupcakes, but still make the strawberry rose on top! Click here to find out how to make the Magical Strawberry Rose Shortcake.

2. Crafts: Do the crafts with the kids throughout the day to prepare for your family movie night! Make sure to bring all the crafts to the dinner table, to add to the decoration and show off their masterpieces! 

Coloring: A must for every movie night! Pick out a few of your favorites, let the kids color them and be sure to hang them on the wall for decorations during dinner! These are my two favorite free Beauty and the Beast themed printable coloring sheets from Coloring-Book. Go pick out your favorites, print and color!

The Magic Mirror: decorate a magic mirror for with your kids! An easy way is to buy a dollar store hand mirror, and get some jewels and a few of those foam cutout stickers. Help your child glue the jewels on, decorate with glitter and add some foam cutout stickers. You could also make your own at home, using some card board (or even a cereal box cutout) in the shape of a mirror, and glue on an oval piece of foil to act like the mirror. To decorate this one, the could color with markers, paint and add the jewels, stickers and some glitter. 

Tissue Paper Stained Glass: In the beginning and end of the movie, we see the story being told through stained glass pictures. As a craft, help your child make a few easy stained glass shapes of their own to hand on the windows! This craft is so fun and adds to the decoration for dinner! The stained glass shapes are shown in hearts, however any shape or tissue paper color combo will work! Click here to see how to make theses Easy Tissue Paper Stained Glass Shapes!


3. Decorations:

In the movie, Belle and the Beast sit down for a fancy dinner, complete with china, cloth napkins, candle light and wine glasses to drink from! Make your dinner as fancy as possible! You can put out a single rose in a glass vase as the "magical rose", light a few candles and use your best dishes. It might even be fun to play some French music in the background and to have everyone dress up for dinner!

Have your guests join you for dinner! If you have a Lumiere (candleabra), a Cogsworth (a grandfather clock, or even a wall clock), or a Mrs. Potts (tea pot) set them out on the table and have them join you for dinner. If you would like, you can cut out faces with construction paper and tape them on the candle, clock and tea pot to make them look real. Don't forget any dolls or stuffed animals of Belle or the Beast would be welcome to come as well! 

4. Activities:  

Belle's favorite activity is to read. Pick out a few of your child's favorite books, and read to them. If they are old enough, let them read to you!

If your kids are old enough, teach them some simple French words and practice using them at dinner! Here is a list of very simple words/phrases:

Oui (yes)
No (pas)
S'il vous plait (Please)
Merci (Thank You)
Je m'appelle.. (My name is..)
Excusez moi. (Excuse me.)
Plus (More)


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What should next week's movie night be? List some of your child's favorite movies in the comment section for a chance to have your favorite movie selected as next weeks movie night!



  1. Cute idea - I always loved Beauty & the Beast!

  2. Going to do this tomorrow night before we go watch the new movie!!


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