Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back To School Treat: Apple Pretzels

These apple pretzels are great for a back to school party, an after school snack on the first day of school, or even a teacher gift! And best of all, they are super easy to make!

Here's what you need:
Rips sour candy (comes with red and green pieces)
Hershey's chocolate bar
Red candy melts
Large pretzels
Wax paper

Here's what you do:
 1. Take the sour candy and either using a small leaf cutter or a pair of scissors, make a small leaf shape.

2. Chop the chocolate bar into small enough pieces to fit as the stem of the apple

3. In a microwave safe bowl, melt the red candy melts at 15 second intervals in the microwave, stirring in between. Repeat the intervals until the red chocolate is smooth. 

4. Using a fork dip the pretzels in the red chocolate, covering them completely (let the excess drip) and lay out on a sheet of wax paper.

5. After the coating has dried, gently pick each one up, to keep them from sticking to the wax paper. Place a small amount of the melted red chocolate (melt more, or reheat) into a small plastic ziplock bag, then cut a small tip off of the top. This will serve as a biding agent for the leaf and stem of the apple.

6. Simply place a small amount of the red candy, the press the chocolate stem on to the pretzel. The repeat the process with all of the pretzels, before placing on the stems with more melted red candy. 



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