Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Back to School Shopping Tips

10 Tips for Back to School Clothes Shopping: 

1. Make a budget. Have a set amount for each child. If your child is old enough, it is a great way to teach about the value of a dollar. Have them look a the prices and decided when something is too expensive. 

2. Shop early and shop the sales. A lot of school supplies and clothes go on sale weeks before school starts. Don't wait until the days before to do all your shopping. Also, it is not necessary to do all your shopping in one day. Wait for the stores to have sales, going to different stores multiple times weeks before school starts.

3. Take your child with you and let them help. Don't just pick out their clothes for them, this is an opportunity for your child to express their personality through how they dress. Let them help pick out clothes, but don't feel bad to say no to them. You are the parent, and we should not let our children dress inappropriately. Take the time to explain how to be dress modest, but to still have fun and follow trends. 

4. Be aware of children's growth spurts. It's very upsetting to buy new clothes and shoes.. only to find out that after they wear them once, that they have out grown it! Be aware of their growth spurts and only buy a few essential items to last you until their growth spurt hits and they can fit into bigger clothes and shoes. 

5. Consider the school dress code. Most school's have strict dress codes (no open toe shoes, no pants with worn out look to them, skirts and shorts longer than finger tips). Of course younger children will not have such a strict dress code, but make sure to read through the dress code and avoid prohibited items.

6. Buy plenty of pants. Especially for preschoolers and younger kids, they tend to spend more time on the floor playing, which makes their pants wear out faster than normal. Younger kids will also have accidents, and spill things on their pants. It is a good idea to set aside of a pair of nice jeans for special occasions. These pants are not to be used to play outside in!

7. Buy lots of mix and match pieces, and weather appropriate clothes. When you go out to buy clothes, buying outfits that will only go with one thing, means that it wont get worn a lot, and it will cost more because you will need more items. To avoid that, buy lots of mix and match pieces and a few stand out outfits. Also, try to be prepared for colder weather and rain. Buy a wind breaker jacket, a rain coat and some rain boots to be prepared for when the weather changes. 

8. Let the kids pick out a few (appropriate items) that you would otherwise not have picked out. Kids are developing their personality and their clothes reflect that. They also see what other kids wear and want the latest trends, even if you don't like it. Give in on a few items.. maybe a super sparkly top, or a fun looking shirt with their favorite cartoon character. Kids will be happier if they like what they are wearing. Don't force clothes on them that they will hate, let their opinion matter and try to compromise on clothes. 

9. Don't buy too much. Try not to over buy clothes. Parents hate to buy items for kids, that they never wear, and kids don't like to have their parents constantly nag them about not wearing it. Try not to buy too much, that way you child won't have tons of outfits, and wind up not wearing some items.

10. Don't feel bad about skipping name brands. With kids certain brands will become very popular for a few months. Don't spend hundreds of dollars buying name brand clothes, that kids will rip, and get dirty. Buy a few select pieces, and find other similar items a cheaper store.

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  1. Thank you, in this economy parents need to be aware to recycle also. Garage sales help many children with certain items. Kids need to realize the time it takes a parent to earn a new outfit and sometimes parents need to realize namebrands are a lot of advertizing. Ps. I love children, and when apprpiate let them set their own stlyle or fad. My lil' Anah wears to matching shoes but different colors. Who cares what the uptight people think, if the school will allow it and that is what makes her comfortable. You go girl!


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