Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 Tips for Packing School Lunches

School is almost here! As parents we are shopping for school supplies, getting our nervous kids excited for the upcoming school year. We are busy planning last minute summer actives, and getting ready for another fun year of learning for our little smarties! School lunches get left out a lot, but mom's we need to be planning for a year of healthy school lunches. Having your child take a lunch is much better, you can control what they eat, give them healthier, better tasting, fresh food. We always want our kids to eat healthy, but give in every now and then and let them buy lunch on pizza friday, or pack a cupcake for a special dessert! Follow these 5 tips from About A Mom for packing nutritious and healthy lunches.

1. Pack Meals They Like
Kids won't eat food they don't like.Try to pack different food items that you know your child likes. A good way to get excited for the new school year is to go grocery shopping, and make a list of a few of your child's favorite lunch items. Include a few choices, make sure to get some veggies in there every day. Every now and then you can pack a surprise dessert.

2. Lunch Bags & Containers
Presentation is always key in making kids eat food. Let you children help pick out there lunch box to get them excited about school. Have an extra at home, just in case one gets lost or damaged. Use silicone molds to keep food separated and look nice. The lunch boxes that have dividers for food, are quickly becoming very popular.

3. Easy To Eat Items
Between the amount of time kids get, and the fun of socializing with their friends, lunch goes by very fast. Make your kids items easy to eat. Sandwiches, wraps, pasta, salads, diced fruit and veggies are all great ideas. Include some finger food like diced cheese, cut up fruits and veggies or pretzels.

4. Menu Planning 
Be prepared for the upcoming week by writing out each days meals. Be sure to include a variety of foods.. or let your kid "eat a rainbow", by giving them many different healthy fruits and veggies. Make sure that each week they eat new foods, so they can grow their taste in different foods and be less picky (hopefully).

5. Plenty of Fluids
I love the reusable water bottles! If your child is allowed to drink during recces or class, you can give them a reusable water bottle packed in their back pack, and pack a small juice cup in their lunch box. This way, you control the amount of sugary drinks your child has, help them to love refreshing water instead of juice, and they stay hydrated all day long. A small juice cup at lunch, may not be enough for the whole day, so let them bring there very own water bottle with them. Your child can even help pick out their very own cup!

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