Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaner

This is such a great an easy way to clean your garbage disposal. It will leave your sink smelling fresh! I keep these in my freezer and use them once a week or if I put a lot of food down the garbage disposal. By blending the ice it keeps the blades sharp, the vinegar cleans it out, and the lemon leaves a fresh scent that you can smell right away! 

What You Will Need:
An ice cube tray
1 lemon
Distilled White Vinegar

How To Make:

1. Cut the lemon in small enough wedges where it can fit into the ice cube slots in your ice cube tray (its fine if it sticks out of the top)

2. Place the lemon wedge into the ice cube slots and fill with the white vinegar.

3. After they are frozen, place one in your garbage disposal and turn on (Blending the ice keeps the blades sharp). Use one ice cube every week to keep it clean and fresh smelling! 

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