Monday, August 19, 2013

Homemade Gifts for Grandparents

 It was my mom's birthday this past week {Happy Birthday, Mom!}. Of course any gift from the ONLY grandchild, would be her favorite! So Emma and Mommy made some "hand print" flowers, "painted" sugar cookies and a sticker card. These were so easy to make and cost a just under $6.00 (including baking the cookies!) We already had a lot of these items and ingredients for the cookies, so I only bought 4 things! Grandma loved it! When she unwrapped the cookies to see Emma's art work, Emma grabbed one and took a bite! This is a great gift that any grandparent or parent would love to get from their favorite toddler!

To make the card I did a little work on it before Emma decorated it. I colored a top border and wrote "Happy Birthday" on the front, on the inside I wrote "We Love You!", and the back the year and "made by Emma {with help from Mommy}" I bought a package of foam stickers that included hearts and flowers, these are great for her age, because they won't bend or stick together and they come in larger sizes. I got a large pack for $1.88 at Wal-Mart, I figure we will be using a lot of these! Then I gave Emma some crayons and markers and let her color the inside, she tried to do her hand print all by herself!

Emma's finished product! I went back and added a smaller flower or heart in the middle, I gave her the color choices and she picked the one that got used! Then I added some green stems and leaves to make them look like flowers! 

Here is our finished card: 

The "hand print" flowers were so easy to make! It is a simple way to reuse kids scribble in a cute craft! I gave Emma a plain sheet of computer paper and some crayons and markers (the washable kind!). She colored all over the paper, when she was done we did 2 hand prints over the most colored parts. I drew a few flowers, in different sizes, over the rest of the scribble marks that she made. When she took a nap, I cut out the flowers and hand prints. I cut a very small "+" cut in the middle of each hand print or flower. I bought a package of green pipe cleaners or "fuzzy sticks" for $0.88 at Wal-Mart. I took the green stick and threaded it through the "+" cut that I made on each flower or hand print. To make it stay, I curled the top of the stick into a little ball, with the pointy end facing down. I put them all together as a "bouquet of flowers" and tied a ribbon on them! I'm positive my mom will keep these forever! 

I saved the cookies for last. We made a homemade batch of soft heart-shaped sugar cookies. I made a simple powered sugar icing and added a few drops of a neon pink and blue food coloring, then I gave Emma a few of them, the icing with paint brushes and a few sprinkles to put on top. She decorated a few and then picked up one and ate it! It was surprising considering she has never had a cookie before! Smart girl, took a cookie break! Once she was done, we let the icing dry and harden up. I took a paper plate, punched a few holes on the sides, laced a ribbon through and tied it with a bow! A much better presentation than a paper plate, and you don't have to worry about getting your dishes back! I wrapped it in some pink tulle I had, and tied it with a white ribbon! 

 This was taken after Grandma opened it, Emma immediately took a cookie ran off and took a bite. Then she put it back! Silly girl! But don't her cookies look great?

What are some of your favorite handmade gifts from the little one?

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  1. Love this! Grandmothers everywhere will be thrilled to get these and keep them FOREVER!


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